Conversion Optimization

Compel Action.

At the end of the day, your website should be your greatest sales tool. People that visit your site should take an action, whether it be sending an email, making a phone call, buying a product, or placing a reservation. If your website is consistently getting steady traffic but you’re not reaping any of the benefits, it’s time that you optimize your site for conversions so that the traffic can convert to business. Here’s how we apply our 360 Process to Conversion Optimization:

Prepare – First, we take a magnifying glass to your website and your web analytics to determine which pages are receiving traffic and how exactly your website visitors are interacting with your content. We also work closely with you to determine exactly how you’d like customers to convert on your site.

Launch – After meeting to review our research and setting out our plan, we head off to the races to reconfigure your website to ensure all of the right pieces are in place, including CTAs (Calls to Action), trustmarks, contact points, clean design, refined information architecture, and more. We’ll also develop two different versions of each page so that we can properly A/B test user activity.

Recalibrate – After we’ve pushed our new content live, we keep a close eye on user activity through utilizing heat maps, in-page analytics, and reverse funnel path diagnosis. After reviewing user activity, we’ll apply our learnings to make continual updates to the pages we’ve developed. We’ll also use the data to apply our strategies to other key sections of the site that have not been converting business strongly. In short, we’ll make sure that your websites’s visitors are funneled in the right direction to keep your daily traffic working for you.