Design & Development

Blow Minds

Your website is your statement to the world. It should be the absolute best representation of your company’s values, culture, and unique value proposition. Our team works closely with yours to ensure that your website is beautiful, modern, mobile-responsive, and drives results for years to come. Here’s how we apply our 360 Process to Design & Development:

Prepare – We first go through a comprehensive research phase of your current website compared to your strongest competitors. After we’ve spent some time researching not only your design & development, but also your current inbound marketing efforts, we’ll meet with your team to review different ideas and we come up a design blueprint together.

Launch – After 2-3 months of meeting frequently to review the current iteration of the new marketing platform we’re working on together, we launch the site with a direct marketing outreach to customers, fans, and friends. Once the site is live, we begin reviewing user activity immediately.

Recalibrate – Now that the site is live, we’ll be monitoring user activity, and how it relates to our initial goals of the project, to ensure we are off to a strong start, improving our design consistently as it applies to conversion optimization.