Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Guarantee Traffic.

Show up at the top of Google, Yahoo, & Bing with guaranteed traffic coupled with sophisticated analysis to ensure an efficient return on investment. As Google changes their search algorithms over 500 times a year (along with Yahoo & Bing changing in suit to keep up), the reliance on a paid search marketing strategy to keep you at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is imperative. Here’s how we apply our 360 process to PPC:

Prepare – After a quick phone call to review your primary and secondary goals, we scour the SERPs for your target keyword sets and analyzing how you are currently approaching PPC (if you are running a campaign). This also includes reviewing the Conversion Optimization strategies of your competitive set, so we know exactly how your competitors are attracting & engaging with new visitors on their websites.

Launch – Once we’ve mapped out our plan for your campaign, we will develop a highly-targeted approach that utilizes sophisticated keyword-matching strategies, A/B testing on Ad Copy, dynamic keyword insertion, ad extensions, and more. We’ll also take a close look at your landing pages to ensure that they can convert new business from the new traffic that is generated through our campaign.

Recalibrate – The wonderful thing about Pay-Per-Click Marketing is that you can see results almost instantly. Think of it as throwing out multiple fishing lines out to a large group of hungry fish. Some will take to a lure, some will take to a spinner, but no matter what they bite on, we’ll have all the data to consistently refine our strategy to keep them biting.