Social Media Marketing

Build Community.

As the web continues to spread from computers to mobile devices to wearable tech, people are taking the internet with them wherever they go, and using social networks for hours a day to connect with others. Now, more than ever, Social Media Marketing has become an imperative way to galvanize the masses around your brand. Having a highly-tuned Social Media Marketing strategy allows you to create brand evangelists out of your community that can help extend your brand to their friends & family. Here’s how we apply our 360 Process to Social Media Marketing:

Prepare – We determine the lay of the land by reviewing your current “Social Media Footprint”. In other words, we analyze how many followers/subscribers you have across your social networks, when your last entry was, how often you broadcast content, and the type of content you post. Next, we’ll take a close look at several strong competitors within your niche and analyze their social media marketing strategies. This in-depth research allows us to set primary and secondary goals for our social media marketing engagement plan.

Launch – After we’ve finalized our research, we will map out a plan of attack that includes creating a content calendar, scheduling content weeks in advance, and monitoring posts each week to ensure we are engaging with your community and listening to what people are saying about your brand & industry. All notifications are sent to a central funnel so we are always keeping up with and engaging with people that follow your social networks.

Recalibrate – After the first few weeks of posting, monitoring, and responding has passed, we’ll closely analyze user activity and map our upcoming weeks based on the learnings we gain each week from social media marketing. We consistently review the impact our content is having, so that we can keep the engagement and new followers growing and growing.